If you used this particular brand of olive oil in your cooking anytime the past eight years, you may have some cash coming back to you!

It seems like almost every recipe I find for my Instant Pot calls for olive oil and let's be honest, that's not the cheapest ingredient on the grocery store shelf.  That's why I almost always opt for the off-brand bottle that's slightly more inexpensive.  But I know a lot of you aren't nearly as cheap as I am when it comes to buying ingredients for dinner!

Maybe you put your trust in one of the most popular name brands in mass-produced Italian food, Bertolli. The company is facing allegations that they incorrectly labeled some of their olive oils as "imported from Italy" and or "extra virgin." They claim they've done nothing wrong, but decided to settle the class action lawsuit of $7 million.

So what's that mean for you? If you've purchased Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive between May 23, 2010 and April 16, 2018 or Bertolli Classico Olive Oil or Bertolli Extra Light Olive oil between May 23, 2010 and December 30, 2015...you could be entitled to some money in the case!

Now don't expect hundreds of dollars.  The payout is somewhere between $.75 and $8.75 per bottle. You can claim up to five bottles per household unless you still happen to have proof of purchase on hand. If you have proof of purchase, you can submit as many as you have proof for.

Think this is the oil you cooked with? Then click HERE to make a claim!

BTW, I'm living proof you can get a payout in these lawsuits.  I filed a claim for Red Bull one year ago. I completely forgot about my claim until six months later when a case of four cans of Red Bull showed up at my door. I chose free product instead of the cash because I didn't care if it doesn't actually improve my performance (that's why they got sued in the first place)...I just like Red Bull!

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