Like it or not, snow is coming to the Treasure Valley.

Does your vehicle need snow tires to make it through safely?

The answer can differ depending on who you ask. Having first-hand experience with driving in heavy Michigan snow in a sports car, I'll tell you what I experienced. I was driving an Infiniti G35 ,a rear-wheel drive sports car. While it was pretty much a race car in the summer, it was a worthless sled in the winter. The tires were not designed to grip in snow, and it showed. The lightest dusting of snow (and even worse, ice) would turn the car into a 3,500lb slip n' slide.

Rear-wheel drive cars have less traction in slippery conditions. This is a fact. I'd highly recommend looking into getting snow tires if you drive a G35, Camaro, Mustang, and cars of the like.

You're better off if you have front-wheel drive, or best of all, all-wheel drive. That being said, even those types of vehicles can benefit from a good set of snow tires. They don't cost much more than a standard set of tires, and if you take care of them, they can last you 3 or more winters.

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