I was in Seattle over the weekend and the presence of dockless bikes was hard to miss. Bright green bikes parked on their kickstand in the middle of sidewalks all over Capitol Hill and beyond. It looks a little random to an outsider, but to the residents of Seattle--those things were normal.

Well, they could become a normal sight in the streets of Boise, soon, too. The discussion has been going on for some time now as a number of companies that control these bike-sharing concepts have expressed interest in the Boise market.

Currently in Boise, you can rent a green bike from hubs placed all over town (that can be tracked and paid for through an app on your phone).  With these dockless bikes, you can track one, rent one, and leave it (wherever you'd like) all from your phone as well--no need to find a place to lock it up.

Just this week, the City of Boise passed regulations directed towards dockless bikes so that seems to be a sign that they're on the way. Regulations include how many bikes (among multiple companies) are allowed into the city, and more.

Would you rent one of these, or do you think these bikes that could be irresponsibly parked and left could be a bother?

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