I'm not as in shape as my previous single self, not crashing club scene anymore and my knowledge is lacking in the dating scene. Since moving to Boise 13 years ago, I'm now happily married, father of two unbelievable children and my gray is sprinkling in.

I was at a Boise Music Festival ticket stop and one of the clients asked me how it felt to share all these memories with listeners over the last 13 years. I never thought about it until someone walked up and showed me a photo from 2011.

Rewind back to that year and I was in the middle of our child abuse prevention event, "Live for 175" I fasted that year on a billboard for 7 days to call attention to abuse. I lost so much weight in that week living on liquids 24/7. That was before JUMP was built and that space was just dirt. These are memories and I guess you miss moments until someone walks up to remind you.

Kekeluv with listeners during Live for 175 in 2011

This is a photo of Autumn and Piper that came out to support me that year. I meet so many people and take a lot of pride living in Idaho. This wasn't a place that ever crept in my dreams or was in my future life plan. I was just offered an opportunity when nobody else was paying attention and here I am 12 years later. This is Autumn, Piper and me today recreating that photo from years ago.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Thanks to everyone that continues to welcome me in their homes, radios, and apps. I've changed over the years and I'd like to think you contributed to who I am today. I'm not sure if I'll always be in Boise because who can really predict what's gonna happen next. Right now I'm building a new morning show with my co-host Kat, waiting for the Boise River to open floating season, planning a big night at Boise Music Festival and excited to create more memories.

Thank you ❤️