We all know the traditional wedding no-nos...don't wear white to a wedding unless you're the bride and that it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before she walks down the aisle. But somehow, I think Glee star, Naya Rivera, has created her own enormous wedding faux pas!

Rivera split from rapper fiance, Big Sean, just three months ago.  The split wasn't friendly.  She ended up on Twitter accusing him of stealing one of her Rolex watches in the aftermath.  Clearly Rivera got over it quickly, as she tied the knot with longtime friend and actor, Ryan Dorsey in Mexico on July 19th.

For some reason I see red flags all over this relationship.  Yes, Rivera and Dorsey have been close friends for over four years but is three months really long enough to get over the ex you were going to marry and decide to spend forever after with someone else?  I vote no.  Plus there are a few big reasons I feel like the wedding is jinxed and it all has to do with Rivera "re-purposing" her wedding plans from her engagement to Big Sean.

1) The Dress

I don't know if the dress Rivera wore on her big day was the SAME dress that she would've worn in her wedding to Big Sean, but TMZ names Monique Luhuillier as the gown designer.  This is indeed the same designer Big Sean purchased the dress for Rivera for their wedding from.

2) The Date

Well at least she saved money on "save the date" cards.  Rivera wed Dorsey on the same EXACT day that she planned to wed Big Sean.  Even though Dorsey's birthday is July 19th, I would assume one wouldn't want to get married on the day that she planned to marry someone else.

3) The Secrecy

Most of Rivera's friends didn't know that she was dating Dorsey, let along marrying him.  Only 12 people attended the ceremony.

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