Whether you're bundled up to see the Winter Wonderland lights or make the drive to enjoy one of the plaza's "Tuesdays on the Creek" summer concerts, it's hard to picture what Downtown Caldwell would look like without Indian Creek flowing through the city. 

Well, there was a period of time not all that long ago when the beautiful creek was buried deep beneath concrete out of sight and out of mind. In fact, this period of time was recent enough that images of what it used to look like appear on Google Streetview's first images of Caldwell from 2007.

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Why would a city burry such a beautiful, natural feature and what was the catalyst to daylight the creek? Scroll through these unreal before and after photos to find out!

Did You Know Caldwell's Beautiful Indian Creek Was Hidden Under Concrete For Over 70 Years?

How did it come to look the way we know it today? Scroll through the photos to read the story!

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