My first boss in radio always told me to find my favorite song, play it as loud as you can, and put that on repeat! So, let me share this shit with you!

I gravitate towards songs that make up my mood. I look to inspirational ‘junts’ when I need to be motivated. I like to put my mind in a certain place by actually going there mentally. Radio is about the community, but it's also about the music. I love the content in the music, the message. It’s like going to a movie and falling in love with the soundtrack song because it reminds you of a certain scene.

What song reminded you of a break-up?

If you’re going through a breakup, it happens for a reason right? I watch so many ladies jump back into these bad relationships for all the wrong reasons and that’s why music can be your savior.

You’re supposed to listen to your friends but how often do we ACTUALLY do that? When you’re blind – you can’t see! There are phases of breakups that we can get in to later that will make you ask yourself, “why didn’t I know this before?”

If you could use an awesome breakup song to get over that cheating ex, then let me introduce you to these three ladies:

  • Nina Nesbitt
  • Sasha Sloan
  • Charlotte Lawrence

Nina, Sasha, and Charlotte are three female artists on the rise that Spotify placed together to create a song. The track is SO good, that it's the shit you play loud, then louder, and finally as loud as you can. I love the banner they have in the studio that reads, "Louder Together"

Spotify's "Louder Together" Event Celebrating the First Ever Collaborative Spotify Single with Sasha Sloan, Nina Nesbitt and Charlotte Lawrence
Getty Images for Spotify

Why? Why the hell not! This is a song about a guy who calls you crazy and finally you reply, “No!” This is your moment when you recognize that looking the other way while he cheats isn’t an option anymore. That’s when he calls you crazy because that’s what guys do.

“Who is this girl and why are you telling her you love her?????” asks the girlfriend


“What? Wait,…did you go through my phone? I can’t believe you would do that! I WOULD NEVER BREAK INTO YOUR STUFF…YOU ARE CRAZY!” says the boyfriend

Such a classic move of taking your mind off his wrongs and turning them back around on you. Do you ever walk away apologizing and wondering, “What just happened? Am I crazy?”

NO! You’re not crazy, He’s a PSYCHOPATH! My favorite line in this song is the obvious first verse,

“So, you’re gonna lie to me, FU.”

I laughed when Nina Nesbitt softly sings this verse with a smile on her face,

“I bet you’re missing, I’m hoping it hurts, I’m making fires out of all your t-shirts”

Some might say, “Keke why would you endorse such a hateful song with those lyrics?” I laugh to that and say love is emotional and if you can play a song that reinforces that YOU are NOT crazy – I say play it LOUD! Put it on repeat like I’m doing. I don’t love it because it reminds me of anyone or any certain person but it’s just a great song for women. It’s okay to drop the “F-Bomb!” I doubt you’re calling him sweetheart anymore, bokay!

Let this song take you on a ride and leave him behind on the crazy train. He’s the psychopath! There is no shortage of profanity in this lyrically sick song. I think that's why you have to play it loud. Shut the door.

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