Selena Thomas from Nampa just became another casualty of domestic violence.  Suspects have admitted the crime and a community gathers to light another candle.  How many candles must we light before it stops?When can we all agree that domestic violence kills and it is NEVER okay?  Why did the most powerful sport in America only suspend Ravens star Ray Rice for just 2 games after knocking out Fiance'?  Why is this NOT the first time we've talked about it?

Domestic Violence will NEVER end till we END it.  Even the almighty National Football League gets to play by it's own set of MORAL rules.  That's okay, in October, they will wear pink uniforms for breast cancer.  That makes things all good right?  We can discuss that at another time.  My point is that the most powerful sport in America doesn't even take domestic violence seriously, why should our kids?  You know, the ones that grow up to be adults.

I watched my mom get beat up by her boyfriend as a kid.  I will NEVER forget those images.  Domestic violence is like child abuse.  It's a cycle of darkness that lives within.  You feel alone.  Scared.  Insecure.  Confused.  You feel helpless.

First of all, You're NOT alone.  It's okay to tell someone.  You WON'T be looked down upon.  It's NOT your fault.  You're worth MORE than abuse.  Finally, don't give the pen to someone else.  It's YOU'RE biography.  YOU write it.

Let's give you some resources.  I can't make you click on them or call the numbers.  Just know it's here and THEY have been created for YOU.

Women's and Children's Alliance:

24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline:  208.343.7025

24 Hour Rape Hotline:  208.345.7273

Please SHARE this video, spread the message to someone that might be in need of help (male or female) and please know we won't forget.  This was used as a tribute for several years after her passing of the famous Latin singer, Selena.  Since the victim in Nampa was named Selena, I thought it was fitting to play this song for her family and friends.

God bless.

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