domestic violence

No More Domestic Violence
Michelle Heart handed me a purple folder on Monday with information-rich pamphlets regarding this month’s awareness campaign. October marks a few including the more popular awareness campaigns around breast cancer. If you see more pink than usual, it might make sense now...
#NOMORE Begins Now
No more silence. No more violence. This week, #NoMore is being spread worldwide. The more we talk about it, the more we share the message, the less we suffer.
Treasure Valley Domestic Violence Resources
Domestic violence has taken the spotlight as this NFL season gets underway.  The focus of Monday's sportscasts were NOT on the two MNF games, but the termination of Ray Rice's contract with the Baltimore Ravens and indefinite suspension from the league.
Domestic Violence: Will It End?
Selena Thomas from Nampa just became another casualty of domestic violence.  Suspects have admitted the crime and a community gathers to light another candle.  How many candles must we light before it stops?