First, this is not a political post. No need to get offended. I came across this little nugget of an app today and thought, "I live in Idaho", "I know people who would live this". If you are a die-hard Trump supporter then this app is for you.

The Donald Daters app aim's to Make America Date Again by connecting Donald Trump supporters. It claims "without bias, judgement or liberal intolerance, you can find the right partner near you. The app was launched Monday and is available in the major app stores.

DonaldDaters markets itself as an “American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike.”

The free app allows users to block potential liberals who may be trolling on the app while their set preferences show 25 possible matches every day.

So there you go Idaho. Tired of Tinder? Bumbed out on Bumble? The Donald Daters app is here and looking to find you the right match. It even has a feature to block trolling liberals.

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