Don't be offended but with football season in full bloom and the BSU Broncos killing it you're almost guaranteed to hear these 25 innocent football phrases that sound dirty but aren't. This was inspired by a segment Keke and Kat did on the air.

  1. “He trusts his own skills so much, sometimes he tries to squeeze it into too tight a spot”
  2. “Just shove it right in that seam”
  3. “It’s all about the penetration”
  4. “That’s the second time he’s gone all the way tonight”
  5. “Sometimes you just have to pound it in there”
  6. “He pump fakes and then puts one where only the receiver could get to it”
  7. “The way this front four penetrates”
  8. “You have to fight for every inch”
  9. “Desperately looking to score”
  10. “The way they squeeze the tight end in there”
  11. “The things they can stuff into that kind of space is amazing”
  12. “And he scores on the end around”
  13. “He’s going deep… and it popped right out”
  14. “He thought he got it off, but it came right back in his face”
  15. “And they get him from behind”
  16. “That’s the first illegal touching of the night”
  17. “They sure are scoring easy tonight”
  18. “When you’re under a 300 pound center that’s bound to happen”
  19. “I’m sure he’ll be coming out early”
  20. “He sees the hole and gets right up in there”
  21. “He can just be so explosive when he puts his mind to it”
  22. “It just squirted right out of there”
  23. “When there’s a pile of 10 or 11 guys sweaty you just don’t want to be on bottom”
  24. “Ya, he came ready to play tonight!”
  25. “Sometimes you just have to stay in one position"

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