It's officially time to have a camera or a phone with you at all times. The weather is creating an Instagram paradise to you're keeping an eye out. Check out Shoshone Falls for it's amazing "Water Show" this week.

Michelle Heart (middays on Kiss/assistant to almost everything) mentioned that I check out this story considering I travel through Twin Falls quite a bit. First, have you been? We'll come back to the must-see spots in a later blog. Michelle was right when she said, "Don't miss this opportunity for some amazing eye candy on Shoshone Falls." Check out this Instagram photo from Shelby

Shoshone Falls is a little over 2 hours from Boise and the views are breathtaking. I will try and not puke Idaho all over you, but these are the spots that accent this amazing state. You can visit so many unique places to discover and Shoshone Falls is also called, "Niagra of the West." Google and look for all the natural waterfalls in the United States and Shoshone Falls is the 6th largest. This is just another reason to take advantage of the seasonal runoff that is happening for about the next ten days.

Photo: Kekeluv
Photo: Kekeluv

I pulled over and took this photo on the Way out of Boise for Father's Day. You can see this on your right side and it's pretty sunken so keep an eye out. This is called, "Devil's Washbowl." Keep driving a little further and you'll come to Shoshone Falls. I've also listed a website below that has a live webcam 24/7. If you head out to see these amazing falls please tag @kissboise on Instagram.

Check out the LIVE STREAM HERE.

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