You're hungry, low on food and low on time. What's the move? Probably delivery, right?

Venture into a big city and you might be able to access all sorts of cuisines and flavors for delivery. In Boise--it isn't so easy. Once the sun goes down, if you want food delivered it's most likely going to be fast food or pizza and during the workday, your options are hardly broadened.

One popular downtown Boise hot spot has decided to do something about it-- stop ordering from the same chain restaurants and buy local! Let's see if you can guess who's behind it!?

Here's an exclusive look at what has just launched & is available for delivery, now: Boise Bowls & Wraps!

Boise Bowls & Wraps Offers New, Fresh Approach to Delivery

Here's a look at just a sampling of the menu items!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Which of these items are you wanting to try the most!? 

As we mentioned above, we have already tried out the Boise Bowl Salad and it's our favorite by a landslide! We're hoping you'll try out Boise Bowls & Wraps, too!

So--what's the scoop with Boise Bowls & Wraps and where are these bowls, salads, and wraps coming from? We can guarantee you've been there...

House of Western!

Located on Idaho Street in Downtown Boise, House of Western, which is not open for lunch hours during the week, is now taking your food delivery to the next level and we are here for it!

Want to check out the full menu and order for yourself? Click HERE.

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