It's no secret that 'Spooky Season' has arrived and now our local halloween fanatics are thriving! What is it about Halloween that gets people so fired up? A sense of imagination and a chance to dress up and acknowledge the biggest pop-culture and entertainment moments of the year certainly play a role.

We're warning you now: Halloween is going to be very, very pink this year. Thanks, Barbie.

If you're going into Spooky season a little 'afraid' of your bank account-- you aren't alone. It seems that everyone these days is a little extra cautious of the economy. Groceries and gas are expensive and with Halloween, especially for families, costs aren't going down!

For whatever reason, costumes and supplies are always so expensive!

If you're looking for a side hustle, some extra cash, and a discount on Halloween goods, it's time you take a look at the DOZENS of available jobs at the legendary 'Spirit Halloween'.

Each year, the major Halloween supplier moves into the Treasure Valley across multiple locations, famously taking over store fronts that have lots of space and are traditionally closed down for the rest of the year. The retailer sells decorations, supplies, and costumes. Now, they need employees.

There are currently available jobs in Boise, Nampa, Meridian and Caldwell! Employees get paid training, competitive pay, a bonus structure and 30% off!

Learn more, HERE.

Along with these seasonal, 'Spooky Season' jobs, here in the Treasure Valley there are plenty of great opportunities for folks that do not require a degree:

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