COVID -19 has brought out the worst in people and thankfully also the best. We've seen people fighting over toilet paper as well as people breaking packages open so they could share a roll. I've always maintained that the locals is what makes Boise so awesome. The friendliest people live here, they speak to you like they've known you for years. Not only are the people friendly, they're so willing to help and today I want to share a perfect example of this.

The Members of Eagle Christian Church are heroes amongst us. When they learned about the need for face masks they took action. Jerri Greenman and about twenty other church members have created over 1000 masks for The Terrace, Saint Al’s, Saint Al’s healthcare, and Saint Al’s hospice. They even helped Western Idaho Cabinets with around 130 masks. According to ktvb Chris DeWitt said. “We just wouldn’t have been able to open the doors and keep all of our employees safe.

When asked why they did it... The answer was...  “God tells us to help each other, and that’s what we’re doing."

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