Growing up in Boise with a family that didn't do much skiing or snowboarding, the occasional trip to go tubing was always one of my favorite parts of winter.  When my parents would take me, it was always dependent on the weather and the roads because it required a trip to McCall, Idaho.

Gateway Park at Eagle Island State Park--just minutes away in Eagle, Idaho-- would have been a dream for me growing up.  If your family is looking for a fun, affordable, and NEAR BY stop to go tubing, skiing, and snowboarding this is THE place for you.

Gateway Park is open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. offering a huge window of opportunity to get out for some winter fun.  With winter break in full effect here in the Treasure Valley, it's not uncommon for families to get a little cabin fever and Gateway Park offers something for everyone.

The structure of the park is unlike anyplace else in the area, as 4 "snow guns" provide the snow needed to create a 200-foot-long hill that consists of 2 tube-runs and a single snowboard/ski slope that even has jumps and rails for more experienced snow activists.

While the park doesn't rent snowboard and ski equiptment, if you rent from any local business, the receipt will earn you a FREE day pass to the park. Tubes required for the tubing hill are provided at the park.  In fact, you don't even need to CLIMB the hill to tube, as the "magic carpet" will carry you (and your tube) right to the top!

Taking a quick field trip out to the park this afternoon, I was able to see people of all ages having fun. In fact, there's even a large (and WARM!) fire pit for anyone-- today it was the popular spot for some spectating parents.

Passes are just $15 for full day and Gateway Park is proud to offer a military discount as well.  Enter Eagle Island State Park from State Street-- for directions click HERE.

Any questions you may have can be answered on their website, by clicking HERE.

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