For those who are in touch with themselves and all things astrology having a perfect local crystal shop is extremely important. Many understand the importance of having a great local crystal shop. Making sure that the shops have the crystals that you’re looking for is only the first step to finding the perfect one for you. It is also important that the shops have the right workers who can be helpful in making sure you can get the crystals that you are most in need of.

Luckily, Boise has a great number of crystal shops that are not only full of great crystals but also locally owned.

Best Crystal Shops in Boise

They have all the crystals you need!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

Earthlight Minerals & Gifts is a Boise favorite and has great reviews from everyone in the area. Located on Fairview this is a perfect crystal shop for anyone who is looking.

Wild Gemstones is another great option for those seeking new crystals whether for themselves or someone else. They have all-natural stones and gemstone gifts for your friends and family or anyone else who may want them!

Idaho Rocks and Gems is another local favorite. The owner is extremely well-liked and their prices are perfect!

Stewart’s Gem Shop is home of the Idaho Star Garnet. Everyone who leaves with the Idaho Star Garnet is always extremely pleased.

Eyes of The World Imports has some of the best vibes in all of Idaho. Not only do they have a bunch of crystals they also have a plethora of clothing, books, and everything else you may need when it comes to all things astrology.

Rare, Whole Idaho Star Garnet Crystal

This rare Star Garnet Crystal is on eBay and can be purchased for $25,000. It measures over 2.5 inches in dimension and weighs in at 1 pound, 4.2oz.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Boise Spring Bucket List

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