I'm such a critic when it comes to customer service. This is the one thing we all have in common and that's our encounter with specific service.

Take a few moments and I'm sure we can all come up with at least a few instances that had our blood boiling. All that said when do we ever hear about the good moments? I wanted to save this one for the end of the year because I'm a lifetime fan of this burger spot based upon this experience.

Have you been to The Counter in the Village at Meridan? This is a gourmet style burger spot that does an amazing job of bridging Idaho and modern burgers in one. I don't know how to type up the perfect analogy or description because I've never been a master at writing. There's no doubt that I fell in love a month ago when an order went bad when it came to our first delivery order.

My wife realized I was having one of those bad days and she surprised me during another one of my late nights with delivery from The Counter. A long story short everything was wrong and my wife was so disappointed. That's the worst part of the story.

Note to every business that serves a customer: I will pay MORE for your products when customer service is #1. So many companies mess this up.

My wife called The Counter voicing her concern and I was blown away by their response. The owner offered to completely recook the entire order and deliver it himself free of charge. What? I'm still baffled by this. I'll repeat, the owner cooked our order completely over and delivered it to our door from the owner.

Did I mention that The Counter doesn't deliver? We used a delivery service and it was that company that messed up our order, not The Counter.

The owner showed up at our door with a number of apologies, delivered our order and further offered a gift card to come back. I was beyond blown away by perfection. The Counter doesn't only offer some of the best custom burgers in the Treasure Valley they also offer undisputed customer service. If you get a chance you might want to entertain one of their chocolate milkshakes. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I'll let you decide for yourself because this isn't a sales pitch. I do however have a soft spot for great people and that's why I'm giving this spot my #1 goto when it comes to food in 2018. I'm even more impressed that after all these years customer service is still at the top of their list. I've seen so many companies forget what made them great, the consumer.

Merry Christmas to all our listeners that logon every morning to Keke and Kat. We really appreciate you and hope to hear from your more in 2019. Muah 💋A big thanks to the entire staff at The Counter. Customer service could be great but with lackluster food I'm probably not going back so much. The food at The Counter? #Perfect Peep one of their local brews, watch the game, grab a milkshake or a perfectly groomed egg on top of a nicely done burger.

Thanks again!


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