Tuesdays I have what I call my early day at work. I have to be up at 6:30 so I can get to my weekly 8am meeting. This Tuesday I got up and jumped in my regular morning routine only to discover that I was out of oatmeal which is my usual time efficient breakfast choice. I finished getting ready for work and ran out the door hoping to have enough time to pick up some drive thru oatmeal. Fifteen minutes later I found myself in a long line at the McDonald's on Broadway in Boise, as I waited to order my oatmeal I noticed something interesting. The McDouble is basically the same thing as the Big Mac without the middle bun but cheaper. I thought why would pay full price for a Big Mac when you could order the McDouble. After googling this random thought I found a reddit thread with the hack.

  • Order a McDouble, calmly
  • Tell them you want Big Mac Sauce™ instead of ketchup or mustard (yes, you can do that), say please
  • Tell them you want lettuce
  • Be cool

If you're a hard core Big Mac fan the sauce is the key to the is whole situation. The middle bun for me just means more carbs and I can definitely go without those, unless of course I can find a hack to get McDonalds fries for half the price. They say an idle mind is the devil's workshop unless of course you're figuring how to save about 50% on the beloved Big Mac. What's your favorite food hack?


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