Idaho has so many awesome and unique pizza places to offer - however they all lack one very important thing in my opinion: cheese dip! I've asked around for it at several locations and they all look at me like I'm crazy thinking that it's parmesan or cheese sticks that I'm asking for. No. Breadsticks WITH cheese, please!

Now here me out; the only way I used to eat any type of breadstick is with cheese dip sauce (think like nacho cheese but not as spicy, more cheddary.) Anyway, it's amazing and it's always been an essential part of my pizza order when I lived back in the Midwest. In fact, I didn't even know this was only a regional thing until I ordered pizza outside of Indiana for the first time.

I bring this up as sort of a plea to every pizza place here in Idaho - or any for that matter who will listen - to add cheese dip to their menu. It should be offered as a dipping sauce just like marinara or ranch is. Pizza Hut breadsticks are actually the best with cheese but you'll get the same effect with any breadsticks from anywhere. Pizza lovers, once you dip a breadstick into a cup of cheese sauce you'll never go back to marina or yes, even ranch ever again.

So take a chance on this unorthodox combination Idaho pizza places and add cheese sauce to your menu. There's no way this will flop. You can run me my check and thank me later!

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