We love summer here in the Treasure Valley, but there are a few universal things that perhaps we can all agree are NOT great about the season. We'll start: mosquitos.

Every summer these pesky insects fly around serving no real beneficial purpose to society and when we're at our homes or social functions enjoying ourselves (and the amazing weather) they often find a way to ruin the party with a bite...or 10. Then, we itch for days and days. Sprinkle in the fact that these bugs can be deadly, carrying the likes of Malaria and West Nile Virus--and we're just over them!

Just weeks ago, we outlined some safety tips for mosquito season here in the Treasure Valley--by making sure you know which colors to avoid and which to wear if you want to cut back on the mosquito bites this year: 

Colors To Avoid & Colors To Wear This Mosquito Season

Are mosquitos annoying enough to have their own season of awareness? Yes--yes they are. Here's a look at colors to wear and others to avoid if you don't want to be covered in itchy red bumps this summer

Did you take our tips to heart or are you covered in itchy bites!?

Now, experts are mapping mosquito activity nationwide and they're saying that Boise will be experiencing "sever" and "very high" rates of mosquito activity in the coming days. You've bee warned, y'all.

We should also note that it's no coincidence, Sunday August 20th is 'World Mosquito Day'-- who said that these things deserve a day anyway? We'd like to talk to them.

All of this said--the experts have warned you, we've warned you, and now we're just reminding you: these mosquitos aren't playing nice right now. Be safe, Boise!

Track activity for your area, HERE.

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