Some are stunned and others are just excited to see that it's happening--Boise State is playing for the Mountain West Conference Championship.

The season has been a painful one and there's no denying that reality. The team didn't win any Division I non-conference games, there was one point in the season in which finishing the year with a winning record was in question, and for the first time in memorable history, the program parted ways with their head coach mid-season.

Turmoil defined a large chunk of the season. Hope has defined the last few weeks.

Things for the program have picked up as they're now playing in the title game for the Mountain West conference. A month ago, fans were ripping Head Coach Andy Avalos for saying that the team could still make it here. Now, they're happy that it's a reality. Did they just have a personal problem with Avalos? The double standard is real.

Slated to play UNLV thanks to selection by computers (literally), the team is going to be in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend playing for a title and a higher profile bowl game with an interim head coach and no announcement in sight for a permanent coach.

What are the experts saying? By a sliver, they're saying: Broncos Win!

ESPN analysts at this point favor a Bronco win by a thin margin, at about 55%. Remember, a win here could mean that the Broncos take on a very interesting foe in the Los Angeles Bowl.

But first: they've got to win.

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