No judgment here, but if you have ever had private pictures taken then had a relationship go south, it could be quite scary. Unfortunately, with the prominence of social media "Image Based Abuse" or "Revenge Porn" is becoming a popular way to expose, degrade, embarrass and violate victims.  Not to mention your phone just might be hacked and those pictures could be made public without your permission.

In a attempt to stop private pictures from being posted before they hit social media Facebook and the Australian government agency e-Safety are requesting that you send yourself your nudes through Facebook Messenger.

Once you send the image to yourself, Facebook can use it's "hash" technology to create a digital footprint. If someone ever tried to upload the picture, the digital footprint or "like" would prevent it from being posted.

I know their heart is in the right place but I still wouldn't feel comfortable sending the original to myself.

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