If one thing is true about folks in the Treasure Valley--once they have a favorite business, there's no stopping them from frequenting them. It doesn't matter if it's a boutique store, a bar, a restaurant or a cupcake shop-- Boise LOVES to love a business.

We know that plenty of businesses downtown Boise have cult-like followings--from happy hours to tacos. Who is the sandwich leader, though?

A long time favorite, located right by Boise's famous Freak Alley, is Even Stevens!

Rumors started swirling last week that the location might be closed--and we wanted to know more. The website for the Boise location is down, their Facebook page hasn't been updated in years, and if you called, nobody would answer--in fact, the phone wasn't even ringing for several days.

Let's take a look at Even Stevens in Downtown Boise!

Did This Popular Sandwich Destination Close?

The short answer is: NO! Let's take a closer look at a local favorite!

We found the above note on their door when we visited to see if the location was really closed.  No, it just appears they had been closing early. 

After visiting the location to see what was going on, we found that note stating that their staff needed to get some help to not be overworked and they were closing early.

Honestly, we can't send enough love and respect to the leadership team at Even Stevens for looking out for their staff like that. Burnout is real--and to work for a company that recognizes that is amazing.

Is Even Stevens closed? Nope. Should you consider supporting the business that has been looking out for their staff? ABSOLUTELY!

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