It wouldn't be Boise if there wasn't a rally, march or marathon happening all at the same time. This weekend is no exception with the real official Summer kick-off.

Six families have been reunited since the border controversy took over headlines across America. That means Boise too. This weekend the Treasure Valley will be holding a rally in conjunction with the national call to action.

Families Belong Together Rally

On Saturday, Jun 30 Idahoans and citizens across the country will be holding rallies in protest of the zero-tolerance immigration policy. This has turned into somewhat of a political football and everyone is trying to score points surrounding this situation.

Over 2,000 immigrant children were displaced by parents illegally crossing the border. I'm sure you've seen the footage by now and the outrage from the world. Trump signed an executive order to stop ripping these families apart ending the policy. The problem is that these kids have gotten lost in the political shuffle and people are urging the government to do something.

There will be rallies across the country and don't be surprised to see thousands marching through streets everywhere on Saturday. You will see it in your newsfeeds and in trending bars. Will you join?

628 protests will be taking place across the country and international locations. This will be the buzz and Boise is planning to join in.

Saturday, June 30 at 12:00 p.m., protesters will gather at the Capitol to show their support for the families and press a message that will hopefully be heard. We've seen the Treasure Valley turnout in strong numbers conservative state or not.

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