It was another event-filled weekend beginning with our all day planning around the station. We were just one day from Summer Splash at Roaring Springs. We JUST finished up Boise Music Festival the week prior and all teams are ready to roll.

Immediately after Summer Splash Party, we rolled downtown to the big rally that was taking place at the Capitol. Families Belong Together was a national rally that was organized across close to 700 cities in protest towards the recent activities taking place at the border.

You can break down demographics and conservative political parties all you want but take a look at one of these rallies. Attendance has been through the roof and Boise is definitely changing. You might even say that we're starting to feel the effects of a big city. It was just hours this rally that CNN was reporting a stabbing that hospitalized 9 refugees in a Boise, Idaho apartment complex. Yes, refugees. Sadly, it was a 3-year-olds birthday party that a disgruntled tenant took out his anger on. We don't know what condition everyone is in except 6 were children and 4 are in critical condition.

Photo by: Lucky The Dj
Photo by: Lucky The Dj

The Treasure Valley is saddened, shocked and in complete disbelief. All I've heard is, "This doesn't reflect what Boise is about."

We'll keep you posted on that but enjoy the freedom of speech at it's best. You'll notice both sides representing to stand up for what they believe. That is the way it should be whether you support Donald Trump or the next Democratic nominee. We SHOULD be able to execute non-violent freedom of speech and expression events. As long as we can manage to be civil and do those things - I believe we still have a chance.

Check out the first album of two that I put together.

Families Belong Together Rally 2

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