If you are a long time resident of the Treasure Valley, I'm sure you've seen the cost of rent skyrocket. I remember in 2012 I could rent a one bedroom, downtown for only $600 a month, that's with utilities included. Those day's have long past for most of Boise and it's suburbs but thanks to a non-profit, new affordable housing is available, but the catch, you have to be willing to live in Kuna.

A local nonprofit is hoping to relieve some of that pressure with a unique modular home design.
With federal funding, The Housing Company just completed construction of six duplexes off Linder Road and 4th Street in Kuna, using this modular design.

The rent ranges between $580 and $1,000 for a three bedroom, two bath home which includes a garage. My three bedroom apartment is more than $1600 so now, maybe that drive ll the way out to Kuna doesn't sound so bad.

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