Hundreds of thousands of people will be on our roads as we are in the path of totality for Monday's total solar eclipse. Look at this traffic tracking tool to see where to go and when. 

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Starting on Thursday, August 17, 2017, the Idaho Department of Transportation has placed traffic counters all across the state that will monitor traffic flow including along the path of totality. We'll be able to see where to go and where NOT to go. ITD will get a count of how many cars are going into a specific area and release that information to us through message boards, social media and online.

  • Thursday - Sunday: Updates once or twice daily
  • Monday: Updates hourly

Let's think about this realistically. It's Monday and everyone has been anticipating the eclipse. You are going about your normal, everyday schedule but are still curious. So is everyone else. Drivers will be distracted and slow and unprepared. AAA is already saying they're expecting expecting 6,000 roadside issues a day between Idaho and Oregon - typically on par with a typical winter weather event.

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