Winter Carnival holds such a special place in my heart and I can't wait to make the trip back up to McCall for their "1 Valley, 100 Years" celebration.

I can't believe it's been almost two years since my guy and I started dating! Our first official outing as a "couple" was meeting one of his friends that he considers a sister and staying at her cabin in McCall during Winter Carnival.  The whole ride up that windy mountain road, I was terrified of making a great first impression. Luckily, she and her friends loved me right away and let us have the cabin to ourselves for a romantic weekend after she and her family took off for Boise. This year, the second weekend of Winter Carnival actually falls on our anniversary so I can't wait to celebrate it in the snow!

Winter Carnival will attract over 60,000 people to the small resort town of McCall between January 27th - February 5th. With that many people in town, it's not exactly an easy task to get into the most popular breakfast spot, aka McCall's Pancake House, during Winter Carnival! But if you're enjoying Winter Carnival as a couple like my guy and I, there's good news for you!

If you’ve been to Pancake House before know that specific area of the restaurant was a coffee, espresso, smoothie and bakery counter, while rest of the room was filled with antiques.  Well that’s all changed! The Pancake House has relocated all of the antiques to “Santa’s Attic,” in the attic of the building, accessible through The Christmas House.

In it’s place are about 10 new two top tables, helping the Pancake House with their demand for seating! When we stopped by after Huckleberry Jam this summer, my guy and I were so impressed by how quickly things move along with the addition of those tables!

OH! And check out these GIANT candies that they sell at Santa’s Sweet Shoppe now! With a box of Resse’s Pieces like that, ET would’ve never tried to phone home!

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