We've been keeping close tabs on the success of the Boise State men's basketball team and although there have been a ton of positives--things are continuing to look more and more bleak for the Broncos.

March Madness, one of the greatest and most anticipated annual sporting events in the nation was supposed to come to Boise this year. Just like the tournament was over at the campus of Boise State University a few years ago, this year was supposed to be ANOTHER opportunity for the City of Trees to host some of college basketball's finest. Because of COVID-19, much like everything else, it was canceled.

Just because the games wouldn't be hosted here, did not mean however, that Boise would get no March Madness action. The success that Boise State basketball has been in many regards, a sense of hope for our city to see some real close to home march madness fun. In other words, a Boise State appearance.

While the record the Broncos carry, which includes an 11-0 at-home record, is good enough to make the big dance--their resume took another major hit this weekend. A loss to a ranked San Diego State team knocked them from FIRST in the conference as they have been, to FOURTH. Now, they're on the bubble more than ever before and relying heavily on somehow winning the conference tournament. The experts need to see that the teams "on the bubble" can compete with the nations best and while Boise State only has a few losses-- they're all to the best teams on their schedule.

Selection Sunday is on March 14th and that's when we'll know the fate for the team that has given the city so much hope!

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