They're your homie! Your ride or die! The best friend you could ever ask for!  Did you know there's an entire day dedicated to BEST FRIENDS? There's a "national day" for everything so this may come as no surprise to you. Sometimes, you just have those special people in your life that deserve a whole 24-hours, though.

Whether you're fresh off a breakup and you need a shoulder to cry on or you just don't do ANYTHING fun without that partner in crime that you have known since elementary school, a best friend can't be beat! I mean, Saweetie and Doja Cat wrote a whole song about it? Everyone needs that Dwight to their Michael Scott or that Patrick Star to their SpongeBob!

Believe it or not, there's an entire list of deals and ideas here in the Treasure Valley for Best Friends to get in on.

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    Take A Hike

    Typically you tell someone that you don't like to take a hike. How about taking a hike with your bestie today!? I made my own way up Table Rock just a few days ago and didn't realize how busy that place is on a weekday after work! Whether your best friend is a dog or a human, the time under the sun with some great conversation--be it at Table Rock or Camelsback Park-- will be priceless.

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    Snacks, anyone?

    There are plenty of LOCALLY owned and operated spots to hit up for Best Friends Day--especially if you've earned a treat after say, a hike? Don't jump at all of my ideas at once. Fanci Freeze on State Street or The STIL in BoDo have a couple of great ice cream options while our temperatures are up there. Park on the patio and chill with your bestie!

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    Chuck E Cheese

    While I doubt that your best friend is a little boy, maybe you have a little boy (or girl) with a best friend themselves!  Chuck E Cheese is offering Buy-One-Get-One Free large pizzas for National Best Friends Day, today!

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    Olive Garden

    I know that one of my best friends Kelvin Miller on KIDO Talk Radio LOVES Olive Garden. Did you know Olive Garden could be the move for this special "national" day? Buy one - "take one" is going on today. I guess you could give them the "take one"? I've heard of worse gifts.

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    As coy as this may sound, I'm being serious-- text your friends today. If there is one thing that I have personally learned this year, it is that you never really know how your friends are doing unless you ask. Don't just accept "good" as an answer. This pandemic has been hard on everyone and sometimes checking in could save a friend's life-- literally.

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