Krystal Neilsen should be the next Bachelorette. Now, your first reaction to hearing that statement may be to shriek in horror. The thought of having to endure "the voice" for a full season might just be enough to send chills down your spine, but seriously, Krystal Neilsen should be the next Bachelorette, and we'll tell you why.

But first, let's get something out of the way. As many of you may already know Krystal lived in Boise and was employed at 103.5 KISS FM. She worked in a part-time capacity and could sometimes be heard on-air weekends. In our experience, she was always a lovely, friendly, genuine person. A far cry from the person who is portrayed in this seasons the Bachelor. We honestly believe the show has done some tricky editing to make her come off as the villain. Granted, it's been years since we've spoken, people can change, but we believe she's still a good person with a big heart.

So let's get into why we think Krystal should be the next Bachelorette.

#1) Krystal brought the drama to an otherwise dull season. Let's be real this season (yawn) was boring. Arie was about as exciting as watching Justin Bieber eating play-doh. There wasn't much in the way of storylines besides the Krystal arch. Say what you want about her constant interruption of the other women in the house and snarky comments, Krystal was fun to watch, and that's something the producers should be looking for.

#2) The Bachelorette should continue trying different things. Traditionally, the "villain" is never invited back to the bachelorette. But why not? A few season ago they tried kicking off the show with two bachelorettes. Last season we saw our first African American bachelorette, producers are obviously down to try different things, so why not the villain?

3) She held her own in the women's tell all. We couldn't imagine being attacked by 20 something angry on national TV. If you re-watch her time on stage, she held her own. She was confident, strong and stayed true to herself, something a good bachelorette needs to do when multiple guys are competing for her hand and marriage.

4) She was done wrong in Paris. If you look at what happened in Paris from Krystal's viewpoint, Arie did her wrong. Up until that point, she played the game to perfection and developed a what she believed to be a robust and meaningful relationship with Arie. Sure the bowling alley incident was a struggle, but it appeared to be worked through. Then Arie dumps her and walks off leaving her alone. It was harsh. He wasn't too much nicer at the women's tell all either. Often, the show will focus on the sad past of the bachelor or bachelorette. Since Paris just happened, it's fresh in Krystal's "and the viewers head.

5) She's redeemable. This goes back to my first paragraph. I don't feel Krystal is a horrible person, probably not the woman she was portrayed to be on the show. We've already seen she cares for the homeless and loves her brother. It wouldn't be too hard for producers to expose that side of her to the viewing audience and change negative opinions.

So do you think Krystal be the next bachelorette? Comment below.

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