Spend any time on the streets here in the Treasure Valley--especially if you've lived or driven elsewhere in the United States, and you will quickly realize that we live at a different pace around here. That's all great until you experience some road rage. A recent post in a local driving forum shared FIVE rules that according to them, "everyone driving I-84 between Nampa and Boise should abide by"

Five Driving Rules Idahoans Should Adopt

Yes, living in the Treasure Valley is great however sometimes it can just take being "rubbed" the wrong way on our streets to completely throw you off for the day. Road rage, as we have seen from recent viral TikTok posts, is REAL here in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes, we get so used to streets not being busy that when they are, we go a little crazy. This is the case from the freeway, as well. According to a local driving group, this graphic sums up a list of rules that Idaho drivers need to pay attention to. What do you think?

While we're on the topic of GOOD driving--can we talk about all of the BAD driving that goes on in these streets!? KEEP SCROLLING to see some things that will CERTAINLY make you angry while you're behind the wheel. 

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