Recent surveys have ranked Idaho and Boise, most specifically, as a pretty alright place for single people to date.  When this news came out, I immediately took that onto the air to see if I was crazy or not--because as a local, I feel like the Boise dating scene is a little...odd...and far too close when it comes to degrees of separation. It doesn't matter who you are, we've all got a crazy ex or an awful breakup story--I can think of a few stories sitting here in my office located in Southeast Boise right now, myself.

I think it's time we step up the ex-hating game, Idaho. Does that make me bitter?

You may recall my very controversial story just a week or two ago that was out of San Antonio, Texas. Anyone, worldwide, could hop online and name various insects after their ex...only to be fed to some hungry animals at the zoo. Oh, and you could watch the entire thing via their online stream.

Now if you're a cat person like me, you're going to like this concept a whole lot more.

In Sioux Falls, a local Humane Society has announced that you can write your ex's name on a litter box for a donation. Isn't that nice? Of course, all of those cat's are going to need to do their business SOMEWHERE.  Why not all over your ex's name? As a cat owner myself, I can tell you that there's nothing pleasant about changing that litter box...but then again, my ex's name isn't underneath all of the "fun", if you will.

Maybe I've exposed myself as the petty person that I am...oh well. With as many cat shelters and organizations in the area, I can't help but challenge someone in town to offer something like this!  Let's keep the funds local?

Interested? Today is your last day to submit. Click HERE.

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