As we approach the month of May (insert Justin Timberlake "It's gonna be May" joke here), it's important to note that May in Motion will be kicking off right here in the Treasure Valley. May in Motion takes place each May and is a month long effort to get the word out to Treasure Valley residents that there are indeed ways to get around town (or to work) without driving cars. I've always loved that Boise is so environmentally conscious--it just makes our place we call home so unique.

During May in Motion, you will have plenty of chances to try out Valley Regional Transit's bus routes or Boise GreenBike's, for free!

I've just recently started riding my bike to and from work and it's been a life changer. You start to be more "awake" when this is part of your routine. I'm saving money on gas and of course, reducing my carbon footprint on our Boise air.

There are lots of bus routes here in the Treasure Valley too-- you could be saving money yourself just by commuting this way. I'd totally suggest trying out one of these two awesome programs, while they're free, this May!

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