It's no secret--health care could be better. In fact, I feel strongly that it doesn't even matter what side of the political spectrum you do (or don't) fall on...I think everyone could agree that the COST of health care is a little obnoxious. It becomes even more frustrating when that cost strikes you or a family members life-- all of the sudden you're in debt or paying massive monthly fees, for one pill or one procedure that you need to...STAY ALIVE.

This concern is exactly what motivates AMEN Clinic-- a clinic that is coming to Boise on September 12th through the 14th offering dental, vision, and other medical care to those who are under or uninsured. There are many in our community who just avoid these routine check ups or even procedures that SHOULD be done...because of cost.

Over 800 volunteers are going to be on hand helping out--from tooth extractions to prescription refills.

You can learn more about the clinic, HERE.


Services to be offered include:

  • Dental fillings, extractions, and cleanings
  • Eye exams and prescription glasses
  • St. Al's Mammogram bus
  • Flu Shots
  • Illness diagnosis
  • STI testing
  • X-Ray's
  • Chiropractic Care

And much, much more!


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