I *almost* stayed up late enough last night for new music to roll in at 10pm. Instead, I hit the sheets at 9:53p. I remember thinking, "just seven more minutes until new music comes out!" But I really couldn't wait that seven extra minutes. My family has been in town all week and so I've been doing reckless amounts of activities with them after work each day, skipping naps and have been pretty tired. So while seven minutes may not seem like a ton to everyone, that seven minutes of sleep really made a difference in waking up refreshed for me this morning.

Okay, back to new music. We didn't get a ton when it comes to albums this week, but we did get some amazing new singles.

The most impactful song for me this week: Devil's Work by Joyner Lucas. Joyner isn't the most popular rapper out right now, but his lyrics are impactful and his flow is amazing. In his new single, he raps about people we've lost and why they were taken. Notably he references Nipsey Hussle who was murdered outside of his LA clothing store last month. The rap community and fans around the world have been mourning since. I love this song. Add it to your playlist asap.

Other great new singles out:

  • TT The Artist- Diamonds
  • Iggy Azalea- Started
  • Gucci Mane x Telly Mac- Walk
  • YG x Tyga x Jon Z- Go Loko
  • Logic x Eminem- Homicide

Make sure you're following my Spotify playlist for the newest releases, whenever they drop! Seriously, I am the first one to know anytime any new music comes out. Just search 'kitkatfisher' on spotify and hit follow on Friday Faves!


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