The Garden City Wal-Mart is about to become a lot more self-sufficient! If you live in the area, drivers by may have noticed the front of the parking lot undergoing some changes. Changes meaning, this Wal-Mart is finally getting the "online ordering and pick up" luxury! This is exciting stuff for people who enjoy spending more time with loved ones in their free time over dinking around inside the grocery store. The next new development at the Garden City Wal-Mart is that they are getting new "self-check out" registers. ...A LOT more. Upon entering Wal-Mart tonight I noticed almost half the registers are closed down with a sign stating they are undergoing a re-model! I saw a man with a blue print and approached with curiosity. He told me that the Garden City Wal-Mart will now have self service checkouts on either side of the store, with a bigger installment on the grocery side. I'm looking forward to this advancement at the store as it will cut down wait times at the checkout. Like it or not, the more time goes on society is becoming more technological and less social! What do you think about the new changes coming to the Garden City Wal-Mart?

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