First, before I tell you about it. I owe Garden City an apology. If you listen to my show, GC is usually the butt of most of my jokes, I even wrote a parody song to Camila Cabello's "Havanna" just for Garden City. It was actually quite the work of genius and included references to The Dive Bar and having wheels on my house! It's all meant in good fun. Garden City is actually on the rise. There's a lot of new development including a potential first of its kind coffee shop hoping to go in close to the Boise River.

Coffee Box plans a new java joint in a set of three shipping containers in a fast-developing portion of Garden City, according to documents filed with the town's planning and zoning commission.
Two 8-foot-by-40-foot shipping containers would be stacked in an overlapping pattern to form the two-story coffee shop. A third, smaller box would house restrooms.

I've seen the shipping container concept in other cities and I absolutely love it. If done correctly you get an urban but modern feel. This project would be constructed on N. Adams St. and E. 42nd St and goes in front of the Garden City's Desing Review board Monday.

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