Garth Brooks is coming and I want my tickets! Here I am Garth! Hello? SOLD OUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO! You can now join the, "It won't sell out that fast!" crowd. You do however have a few options.

Tickets sold out in record time and everyone is losing their FOMO minds. I hear the stories all time especially when you're buying for someone else and you famously drop the friggin' show of a lifetime ball. Let's run through some options.

Buy the DVD if you still have a player laying around somewhere. You could always google his live shows or you can always listen to his music and search for crowd noise effects. This works great as you play his music in the DVD player with crowd effects playing from your phone. That's how we trailer park it out where I'm from!

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.08.47 AM

There's always my theory and I think it's pretty legit. I reported weeks ago that based upon sources close to Garth, you might expect more date announcements. What's that mean? There could be three dates available and based upon all of his stadium shows - Bronco Stadium would need to sell out 2 shows just to compete on 1 sell out in Oregon.

My wife is frantic because everything went wrong this morning and she missed out. I would be shocked if they didn't open up a new show date. Stay tuned but I will let you know asap! Here's how to be alerted first - download the new Kiss App and we'll alert you with information first. Until then keep your fingers crossed!

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