They are cute, cuddly and probably your best friend. I'm talking about your dog, and if you're reading this, you more than likely own one. Boise is a dog city. You can tell anytime you head out on the greenbelt or visit one of our many dog parks. Unfortunately, there is always a risk any time you take your dog out, that they can escape. Thankfully, there's a solution to make sure you get your furry friend back. Enter Tag's for Hope. Fully customizable pet ID cards made to look like your Idaho drivers license.

These things are fantastic, and if a dog tag that looks like your Idaho ID card wasn't cute enough, each "dog tag" purchased would provide an animal in need with food, treatment, and a shelter. Each tag can fit over 400 letters and includes a lifetime warranty. The company's site claims they will never fade. I already ordered one for my dog Bella and will post pictures as soon as it arrives.

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