So here I am sitting in the studio at noon today when all of a sudden all our 103.5 KISS FM phone lines get blitzed! While I wanted to imagine it's because you guys couldn't wait to talk to me, I knew something else was up!

Kekeluv had just sent out an alert to everyone who downloaded the new 103.5 KISS FM app to call 394-1035! As a thank you for being some of the first people on our app squad,  Michael G. (caller 9) and Kiley B. (caller 10) got hooked up with tickets to see Flo-Rida, The Band Perry and Sean Kingston at Boise Music Festival PLUS passes to kick off the summer at Roaring Springs!

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

Want to get in on KISSclusive Contests?

With Boise Music Festival, Idaho's Largest Garage Sale and the Treasure Valley Comic Con coming up, of course you do! Here's what you need to do to get those KISSclusive alerts!

1) Download the 103.5 KISS FM App

That's a no brainer, right? If you're having a hard time finding it in the App Store or on Google Play, you can find the links HERE.

2) Find "Alerts" on the Main Menu

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

3) Turn on the Alerts You Want to Get

Everyone from myself to Kekeluv, to Cruise & Box and Mateo can send alerts out whenever we want, so we really recommend turning on ALL THE ALERTS!

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

4) Tell Us When You Want Us to Go to Sleep

I HATE when I get a text, e-mail or alert that wakes me up right after I go to bed.  We don't want to be that App that wakes you up.  That's why you can tell us what time of night you don't want to be disturbed.  That will mute our alerts and let you sleep during your per-selected times!

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

Done?! AWESOME! You're now set to win ALL the KISSclusive alerts we give away through the 103.5 KISS FM App!  But there's more ways to win with the app! Find out how by clicking the button below!