You keep hearing about the 103.5 KISS FM app and how you can win but there it sits on your phone and you don't know where to go to win your prizes, right? Here are five ways you can win with the KISS app.

  1. DOWNLOAD. Download the 103.5 KISS FM app. You've probably already done it. If you haven't, click to download the app HERE and you're on your way.
  2. ALERTS. Go to the settings option in the menu and make sure all your alerts are set to on. Those weekend and nights - don't worry about those - you want us to contact you then. Alerts are push notifications that let you know what's what and when. You want them. You're welcome.
  3. SUBMIT PHOTO. This is where you (you guessed it) submit your photos. We could ask you to do something special, show us a face or tell us where you found something. It's all submitted through here and we don't share it with anyone. It all goes to us.
  4. LISTEN. Hit "listen live" and wait for us to tell you when to call. Just keep in mind there's a bit of a delay. Not much but a bit. Now that I think about it, this could actually work in your favor. If you like a song, let us know so we can play it more. Hit "contact us" and "call now".
  5. SIGN UP. The newsletters will hold information that can be like gold. We may hide a clue or tell you information before anyone else or just catch you up on things you missed. Either way, the Friends with Benefits email is something you could really use to your benefit.

We just launched the app and Emily has already won!



Did I cover everything? The steps are simple. They won't work until you have the app, though. Get to downloading! See you on "dat app tho".

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