If you've been around me lately or even just had your radio on you've probably heard me raving about Kvell Fitness and Nutrition in downtown Boise. In March, Kvell and all of us here at the radio station teamed up for a 12-week long fitness challenge and it's the challenge you may have heard me talk about by now.

12 weeks didn't sound like a long time to me. It's CRAZY to think about how long it felt looking back, and even crazier to realize how much you can change in that amount of time. It was (and continues to be) a journey, but never has ONE place single handedly improved my life so much and that isn't an exaggeration. You can read about my 12 weeks by clicking HERE.

What Kvell offers is beyond any gym you've ever been to, and I promise you that. This Wednesday, join 103.5 KISS-FM from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Kvell to check out the facilities and enter to win Huckleberry Jam music festival passes which will take place this weekend at the Tamarack Resort!


As always, as an endorser of Kvell Fitness and Nutrition, opinions expressed above are my own.

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