If you had told me in February that I would be writing this article before hitting the gym, I would have laughed at you.

The past twelve weeks have changed my life. Today, I'm sitting at my desk writing this as I prepare to hit the gym before I'm on-air. Woah.

103.5 KISS-FM is part of a larger radio group here in Boise called Townsquare Media. Twelve weeks ago, our office started a fitness challenge with Kvell Fitness and Nutrition. The goal? For our office to have more of a work-life balance and to increase our fitness levels while improving our diets.

The fitness challenge began with a 21 day cleanse that was far from easy. The cleanse kicked off around the same time at Live for 175 and eating clean seemed next to impossible.

I thought it would be easy to make a recap every week (check out my first blog HERE) but I DID keep up with the fitness classes.

Prior to this challenge, I can't remember the last time I walked out of a gym looking forward to being back the next day. However, Kvell Fitness and Nutrition has changed my life and now I can't wait for my next class.

I've began to see results that I never thought of. For the first time ever, I feel like I've crossed into that "other side" of fitness challenges - the side that sees success.

Since it was a company challenge, access to Kvell came to my co-workers and I for free but with the challenge now over, it's a place I don't ever want to leave.  If you're looking for real and healthily achieved results in your fitness journey, I highly recommend Kvell Fitness and Nutrition--you'll never see "getting healthy" the same again.


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