You may have noticed some new POWerful buses on Treasure Valley streets... Introducing Valley Regional Transit's new electric fleet!

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These buses are so cool! And to make them cooler, they're comic book themed! Congrats to Valley Regional Transit on their new fleet of electric buses, which will do a ton of good here in the Treasure Valley! Valley Regional Transit shared, "On September 14, VRT unveiled four new Proterra ZX5 battery-electric buses. The new buses build on VRT’s history of embracing innovative technology that improves the environment and the rider experience. 'Battery-electric buses offer a quieter, smoother rider experience and a more sustainable transportation solution.' said Valley Regional Transit Executive Director Kelli Badesheim, 'It’s just one more way Valley Regional Transit is moving the Treasure Valley forward.”

In their new fleet, they have 4 different colored buses:

  • The purple bus is "the pollution solution" electric bus
  • The orange bus is "the chargin' champ" electric bus
  • The green bus is "the clean, green machine" electric bus
  • The blue bus is "the silent rider" electric bus

What you can really take away from this, is that these buses are all helpful in regards to solving pollution issues, they're battery powered (and hopefully charged before hitting the road), they're clean and green friendly and also... They're quit buses! No more roaring diesel engines blasting black clouds of smoke into your face when you're standing on a street corner in Downtown Boise. Congrats to Valley Regional Transit on their new fleet and we can't wait to see these buses on the streets!

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