Saturday mornings at Elmer's means you'll see the Boise State athletes just after game day and you'll run into people you haven't seen since the last First Thursday. Now it has become the place where you feel like you're family. There's a reason for the feeling, too. 

My son, Colton, has created this restaurant at home called Martins. He makes food, has created signs for the refrigerator that made it appear as if that's where you get fountain drinks and will come up with some recipes that don't make any sense - but are sometimes really good.

We went to Elmer's just like any other time and he told the server about Martins and how he created his restaurant supplies.

The server (I don't know if I should name her just in case I'm outing her) was really interested in Colton's story and kept coming over to ask questions. She was great and made him feel good.

I thought it was over.


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Then the server comes over to our table with a take-out bag. The bag was full of restaurant supplies from menus to receipt books to dishes.

It's such a small thing that happened but as I'm sitting there looking at this woman who is a perfect stranger completely change this little boy's life, I start to cry.

Of course.

Always crying about something.

This city is so full of kind people but what's different about here over anywhere else is that kindness is acted upon. People don't stop to think "should I be nice and go out of my way?" They just do it.

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