If you have ever spent anytime at the Idaho DMV here in the Treasure Valley, you will be elated to hear that Idaho is moving into the 21st century and will be offering online service.

Goodbye, lines. Goodbye stinky building with church pew seating. Goodbye little tabs of paper with a number on them.

You may recall that before the pandemic, the DMV was so backlogged and busy that getting in for your registration needs was nearly impossible. In fact, it was so difficult that people were taking entire days off of work to dedicate the time to get into the DMV.  I distinctly recall the day that I went, my wait time was an estimated 6 hours. I took a risk and left, only to return about five and a half hours later with my number up next! Total luck.

Well, just announced is a very exciting upgrade: Idaho has online service to register your car or truck if it was purchased here in the State of Idaho!

Skip the line and register online 24-hours a day from anywhere you can access the internet. All you will need is the typical info to g\register a vehicle and that pink "ITD 0502" form that comes from the dealership when you purchase. Of course, if you're buying from a private party you won't get one of those slips so no, service online isn't available for private purchases just yet.

We are TOTALLY here for this upgrade--to see what other online services are available or to register that car already, click HERE.

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