Bree wants to know the amount of time she should wait before dating the guy her friend just broke up with. What's the acceptable amount of time? 

Girl code Rule #1 from Urban Dictionary says: No girl may date her friend's ex's, past crushes or guys who have humiliated/used her.

That being said, we got a note from Bree who has a very simple question for Group Therapy Thursday.

How long do I wait before I can date my friend’s ex-boyfriend?

My best girlfriend was dating a guy for about a year. They weren’t 100% committed to each other which ultimately ended in a breakup. She broke up with him. It seems like she would be okay with us dating. This guy seems like my perfect type and it just feels like the two of them were together to pass time when it was really us who were a better fit to date. He feels the same way. How long should I wait before making any sort of move?


Bree W.




If it's in Mean Girls, it's gospel, right?

While many girls will say that it's "girl code" or "rules of feminism" that you can't date a friend's ex. I would agree with that statement. However, there's someone who has been in this very situation that can say it works.

Don't we all have that one person? If that's the case, we have to weigh in the fact that we don't always make the right decisions all the time. We may take some missteps, date the wrong people, misjudge perfect timing and not be with our Mr. or Mrs. Right at first.

What's your advice for Bree? Have you or a friend been in this situation?



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