Just kidding, there's no prize.

But holy spliff this is a LOT of pot.

KTVB reports that on Wednesday, police in Elmore County busted a couple on I-84 transporting marijuana. A lot of marijuana. Like, so much marijuana that collectively it probably weighs more than you do.

Wanna guess how much?

Ok think it over.

Ok ready?

Idaho State Police report that 215lbs of marijuana were seized from the drug traffickers, along with 17lbs of hash oil. The couple, who hail from Groveland, Florida, were arrested and are spending some quality time apart in Elmore County Jail.

You didn't think they'd just be facing a single charge, did you? No way. Both criminals are facing marijuana trafficking, felony possession of hashish oil and possession of drug paraphernalia. Try saying that five times fast.

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